The best solution in home health care.

Our Home Health Care Services Include:

  • After Stroke Care
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
  • Live In Home Care
  • Home Respite Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Cancer Care
  • Post-Surgery Home Care
  • Home Nursing Care
  • Parkinson’s Home Care
  • Occupational Therapy

Our highly trained and experienced staff includes registered nurses, certified nursing assistants and care givers.


We bring you the best in Home Health Care – with the highest standards – and the solutions for your home health care.


Whether we’re helping after a surgery or teaching a loved one to independently manage a chronic condition, our solutions provide a fresh choice in home health care.


We develop a personal care plan with your physician followed by a very detailed process making sure all your needs are addressed by your Highland-Hollow caregivers. We’ll continue to reassess and revise your care plan to make certain all of your needs are met.


Our caregivers are excellent practitioners with exceptional training. They’re also compassionate people, making sure they take care of the “little things” when it comes to patient care. Each has chosen a career in home health care because of a desire to work one-on-one with patients in a setting where they can have a more direct and immediate positive impact.


We utilize physician and patient outcome reports to objectively measure progress along the way. We are here to implement a care plan, provide a solution and make sure we fulfill all of your needs.

Recently my wife and I were called home early from vacation. The reason…my 96 year old mother had been taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. For the past 45 years she has lived an independent lifestyle having survived my step-father who died in his 50s of a brain tumor. Her condition left her with swollen legs, confusion and greatly reduced strength and stamina. From the hospital she was transferred to a rehab facility to, hopefully, regain some strength before returning to her home. Undeniably, her home situation would be far different than before.
Recognizing the eminent necessity of home care, we contacted Mike McMahon at Highland Hollow Health. Within hours he was on the scene meeting with my wife and I and spending time getting acquainted with my mother and her situation. Highland Hollow is a full service, in-home care consortium. They provide everything from nursing to in-home aids as well as occupational and physical therapy. In fact, they can even shop for your loved one(s) and deliver groceries and household items directly to their doorstep. After some checking around we learned their prices for in home care are competitive as well.
To Mike and all those at Highland Hollow who responded so attentively in our hour of need, we extend our deepest gratitude.
~ Leonard Burton